Sail Up The Sun – Dylan Owen

by Dustin - December 16, 2014

Another week, and another emotionally-charged Dylan Owen track.  What better time to release it than at the height of everyone’s feels – Monday night. As a new week begins and some of us return to the monotony of our daily lives, “Sail Up The Sun” should serve as wake up call to those of us […]

Past Life Lovers – TVÅ

by Carolyn - December 16, 2014

PSA this song is fantastic. This song is sick, somber, and soulful. Released about two months ago, this synth-pop jam still has my head swaying and my heart melting. With lyrics that we can probably all relate to at one time or another, this track will help get you through the bad days and even […]

coco – gnash

by Dustin - December 11, 2014

At this day in age it’s impossible not to see the mainstream media’s influence leaking into almost every facet of society. The turn of the century, club and drug subcultures have shifted our vision and influenced the way we listen to music. The world has taught us to continue turning up, often against our own judgement.  With […]

Pop It Off (2014 Mashed Up) – Trademark

by Dustin - December 10, 2014

As much as I complain about all those pop radio singers (Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, etc.), I do tend to enjoy mashups that involve samples of them. I take that as a sign that mashup artists integrate these samples in a manner that’s an improvement over the original and/or deep down, and subconsciously, maybe I’m actually […]

Juicy – Academy

by Dustin - December 9, 2014

Academy has been making steady moves within the Rock/Pop circuit since the release of their Moving Methods EP. Their music is already being placed on TouchTunes jukeboxes and serves as an indicator of what this up-and-coming team has in store for us. Take their latest creation “Juicy” for instance, where John interprets the legacy of the late and great The Notorious […]

Dinnerdate – Want You EP

by Brian - December 9, 2014

If you’re on the hunt for some laid-back deep house, you’ve found the right post! This two-track EP from Dinnerdate (available for purchase on Beatport) is wonderfully laid back and serves as a perfect sample of Dinnerdate’s musical style. The tracks are simple and straightforward, but skillful layering of beats and vocals throughout the piece […]

Throttle vs Freestylers – Push Up

by Brian - December 9, 2014

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the immensely-talented Throttle – five months, in fact. His latest debut makes the wait well-worth it – this track is simply massive! There’s so much new energy that has been layered onto the original – electro fans, don’t sleep on this! Oh yeah, and this one is […]

Sometimes We Talk At Midnight – Matt Citron

by Kian - December 3, 2014

ATL’s Matt Citron is here to tell you a story and get personal with a flow unlike anyone in the game right now. This is Matt’s biggest milestone to date and the project has potential to be a hit! Featuring dope upcoming artists such as Kevin Abstract, this project has some incredible collaborations both with […]