Wine and Cheese – Dag Savage (Feat. Jimetta Rose)

by Mason Strehl - (Contact) - April 24, 2014

Following his legendary release with Blu, Give Me Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them, producer Exile takes his next collaborative project to Johaz. The two of them collectively make up Dag Savage. The duo recently released an exceptional album, titled E&J, featuring the likes of Blu, Aloe Blacc, Fashawn, Co$$, Choosey and more. A while ... Listen & Download

DSFM – OnCue

by Luca DelPiccolo - (Contact) - April 23, 2014

A long time favorite at The K, OnCue has been giving us quality music for a while now (even if we are waiting on his new album Angry Young Man).  Today, he returns after the release of Leftovers 2 to drop “DSFM”. OnCue raps and sings over “Cherry” by Ratatat, courtesy of Brenton Duvall. OnCue has ... Listen & Download

Artist Profile: Flume at Coachella X Tennis Court (Flume Remix)

by Kian McHugh - (Contact) - April 23, 2014

While at Coachella, I got the chance to meet up with the prodigious, 22 year old, Australian, Harley Edward Streten- more commonly known as Flume. During our interview, I got the chance to speak with Flume on topics such as not being classified as an EDM artist and his single biggest fan. Unexpectedly, Flume took ... Listen & Download

All of the People (RAC Mix) – Panama Wedding

by Marisa Yang - (Contact) - April 23, 2014

RAC, Remix Artist Collective, André Allen Anjos – whatever you want to call him – has been producing killer remixes since 2007; 7 years later, we still adore him all the same as he’s grown as an artist, from focusing on remixes to even producing his own original album Strangers, which was released earlier this year. It ... Listen & Download

When It’s Alright – Juun ft. Sam Smith

by Brian Lovin - (Contact) - April 23, 2014

This track popped up in my feed out of nowhere from Juun, a new artist on my radar. This German duo has created an addicting, upbeat piece featuring Sam Smith that I just can’t get enough of. It’s a lightweight piece with a summertime vibe – I bet you can’t listen just once!

Coca Cola – Jackson Breit

by Marisa Yang - (Contact) - April 22, 2014

Fresh off the release of his two-part EP Good Times and Bad Times, Jackson Breit surprises us with a new feel-good hip hop track, “Coca Cola,” a tribute to the soda. After watching this commercial, Breit was so inspired by the beat that he found the track himself and added a little more flavor.  As is standard ... Listen & Download

Sleeping With A Friend (The Chainsmokers Remix) – Neon Trees

by Nikos Efstratudakis - (Contact) - April 21, 2014

The Chainsmokers have been propelled to new heights with the popularity of their single #SELFIE. The duo has been delivering bangers before their recent popularity with cuts like this and were even spotlighted by us back in November. With the remix of Sleeping With a Friend by the Neon Trees dropping yesterday, Andrew and Alex ... Listen & Download

Stay With Me (Rainer & Grimm Remix) – Sam Smith

by Carly Bates - (Contact) - April 21, 2014

I adore Sam Smith and his incredible existence. So when the mysterious Toronto duo Rainer & Grimm reworked Smith’s melancholic track “Stay With Me,” I didn’t know what to do with myself. They take the song to a surprisingly happier place by layering in deep house beats and perking up the tone, all the while ... Listen & Download