Zack Villere – 3 Scribbles

Zack Villere, otherwise known by his moniker and side-project Fro-Yo Ma, has one of the most innovative and uniquely personal sounds that we’ve heard in quite some time. His 2017 album Little World provided us with a completely new twist on the new-wave R&B movement that seems to be taking over the music scene today– his unparalleled production skills and quirky personality shine through each and every track.

Sand People, off of Zack’s Little World album, is an absolute masterpiece. This is the type of song that I can listen to on a daily basis for months on end without feeling like it has lost its novelty. He blends wavy textured beats with both raw and autotuned vocals combined, giving the track an almost Frank Ocean-like sound.

His newest 3-song EP, 3 Scribbles, definitely steers further in the R&B direction in terms of vocals and emotion. Zack’s ability to juxtapose layered and fast-paced production with slow and dreamy vocals is something that not many artists can successfully execute. The second track on the EP, Super, is a quirky and catchy love story backed by bouncy (and very Fro-Yo Ma esque) production.

This short and sweet EP gives us a little taste of what Zack has to offer in 2019– we hope he has many more dreamy tunes coming our way.

Photo via Dazed