Young Thug – High (feat. Elton John)

Young Thug’s Remix of “Rocket Man,” is Officially Out and the World is Now a Better Place.

Stay calm, everything is right where it needs to be.

Last night in the midst of a storm of legal issues, Young Thug released a surprise EP with the daunting title, “On the Rvn,” which was announced about a week ago before Thug turned himself in and quickly was released from jail. The EP features a few guest appearances, including some smooth vocal runs from 6LACK and a chilling verse from prodigy Jaden Smith, but most notably features, as nothing less than a gift from heaven, credits from Sir Elton John himself. A remix of 1972 mega-hit “Rocket Man.” The project’s closing track, titled “High”, is undoubtedly the most ambitious and beautiful tracks of the EP and possibly of Thugger’s entire discography.

Rumors of this collaborative masterpiece date back to 2016 where Young Thug allegedly recorded the Elton sampled track and played it for him later that year when the two met. This meeting birthed the famous photo of the two artists and sparked talk of the track’s possible imminent release. After being leaked early this year, it was quickly removed from SoundCloud, only to be enjoyed by the lucky few that were quick enough to sneak in a listen. Now, as predicted from the previously released list of collaborators, “High,” is now officially out on all platforms for the enjoyment of the public, and the world is now a better place.

A slowed down and smoothly flowing trap remix of “Rocket Man,” this innovative track functions as an evolution of the 70’s hit that puts the classic work into a more modernized popular context. As Young Thug acts as a pioneer for individuality and sexual fluidity in today’s culture, this track shows him picking up where Elton left off, carrying the torch forward for pride and fearless artistry. Although it may not have been as apparent in the past, the chemistry and similarity between the two becomes apparent upon retrospective observation. Thug and Elton share multiple glaring similarities in their taste in flashy and high fashion, musical experimentation, and most prominently their sexual prowess. Much like how Young Thug’s iconic “Jeffery,” album cover brings aesthetics of glam rock into the rap context, the dreamy crossover track “High,” functions similarly, taking an Elton John hit and modifying it to fit a newer trap inspired landscape.

Despite the mixing of these two dramatically different musical styles, the track is extremely natural and cohesive. Thug’s precise vocals weave in and out of the ambient instrumental eloquently, with Elton John’s legendary vocal sample providing the perfect backdrop. More melodic and soulful tracks such as this one are not new for the likes of Young Thug, however. His 2017 genre-bending project “Beautiful Thugger Girls,” showed steps in this direction, as the album featured a plethora of acoustic guitar instrumentals and organic singing-focused vocals. “High,” now functions as a step up from this project with a more refined and well-rounded presentation of the same artistic methods.

Cancel your plans for the next five minutes and go listen to this song as a fan of Young Thug, Elton John, or just good music in general. With this glorious birth of music comes the celebration of individuality and personality, a dare to take risks and create for yourself. Some of the most unique and creative work we’ve seen this year, “High” is a generation-wide landmark beauty, ambition, and artistry.