WORLD PREMIERE: Emerson Leif’s Wake up with You

The depth of Aussie label, management and publicity agency, Mammal Sounds’ talent pool is seemingly endless. We’ve become well acquainted with these folks, and very fond of them too. They let the music do the talking, we like that. When we got to talking about this one, it was a no brainer, it’s not every day we get new music from Emerson Leif. Since we last checked in with Emerson, around the release of his solo single, Twenty2, last year, his Spotify numbers have doubled, but his track list has remained the same. Upon getting word that there is a new single on the way we couldn’t wait to get our ears on it. The bearded Aussie’s third single, and first of 2019, comes with news that a debut record is on the horizon. If Wake up with You is any indication, it’s going to be a big one.

Emerson’s new track, Wake up with You, premiering today exclusively on The Kollection, is an Aussie-pop anthem that we cannot get out of our headphones. The track hits right in the guts. It captures that late-night feeling of longing for somebody who is just out of reach. The production sets the scene in which the vocals drift through, simultaneously grounded and disembodied; the feeling of going through the social motions, while being hyper-aware of that one person. Wake up with You is a late-night hail mary, a resignation to the fact that shit probably won’t work out between you two, but you’re still holding out, hoping.

The emotion and narrative that makes Wake up with You such a listenable pleasure, is what also distinguishes it artistically from other Mammal Sounds releases thus far. For two minutes and fifty-nine seconds, Emerson is talking about you. He puts you right into the club, looking over your shoulder to see if they might be looking your direction as well. Wake up with You has that signature Aussie psych-funk flair but heaps in soul and a healthy bit of Brit-Pop. It’s like Frank Ocean and The 1975 had a baby produced by Kevin Parker. The Brit-Pop vocal melodies give this track its addictive quality and set Emerson apart from many of his Aussie contemporaries. He adds a new flavor to the formula and comes through with a track that could just as easily find itself in a DJ’s mix as it could be rearranged and played with a live band.

The strength of Emerson’s third single is further proof that 11 million plays on Hesitate was no fluke. Emerson Leif is here to stay and we couldn’t be happier. We’re keeping our ears to the ground and fingers crossed for that record soon. When it drops, don’t worry, we’ll let you know.