Ayishat Akanbi: Why Your Argument Isn’t Woke

“If you’re not with me, you’re against me!”

A few years ago, being “woke” meant being aware of the world’s injustices. It was an adjective to describe people who could read between the lines and sought to amplify visibility for progressive ideas. Over time, the self-proclaimed woke found pride in their perspectives and fell into the trap of passing judgment on others whose beliefs and behaviors they considered to be distasteful. Despite its commitment to “fighting the good fight,” what began as a mission for justice morphed into a cult-like group think that resembles the dangerous mob mentalities that wokeness itself claims to be the antidote to. Cancel culture, calling people out, pointing fingers, assigning blame, placing oneself on a holier-than-thou pedestal and the death of compassion by preaching are all symptoms of an arrogant wokeness that has become part of the underlying perpetual problem — division by fear.

Photograph: Glodi Miessi/Sydney Opera House

Only if we listen to each other, learn from alternative perspectives, and grant grace to the full spectrum of ever-evolving human consciousness will we align with individual and collective growth. We can make no progress as a global community without crossing the bridge to understanding. So how can we come back to true self-awareness so that we may honor humanity?

Ayishat Akanbi, a stylist and writer from London, is an eloquent and wise voice on the subject. In this video called The Problem with Wokeness shared by Double Down News, the cultural commentator evaluates the question, “Has wokeness replaced compassion with moral superiority?” Ayishat Akanbi brilliantly describes how this double-edged sword, when it leans into righteousness, leaves us misguided and descending into behaviors modeled after those we disagree with. Ayishat Akanbi states that “compassion and empathy is paramount to any social movement” and reminds us that “what is radical is understanding.” On the other hand, “arguing is very conformist actually.”

In the follow-up video called The Problem with Cancel Culture, Ayishat Akanbi says, “We undermine how easy it is for us to become the people that we dislike.” Dive into Ayishat Akanbi’s reflections to get your gears turning today. True progress begins within.

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