Why We’re In Love: Emerson Leif


A bizarre question for you: Do you remember the first time you heard White Iverson?

I do.

There’s a certain cadence to that track that taps into a slew of emotions all at once: happy, nostalgic and a little bit uncomfortable… or better yet vulnerable. Post Malone is not alone in his ability to tap into this indescribable cadence as artists like Frank Ocean and Chet Faker have done the same in their respective musical practices.

Today, I’d like to add a bearded Australian by the name of Emerson Leif to this list of unique talents. After just two releases, I am positive that this project will be huge in just a matter of time. The vocals on both Twenty2 and Hesitate are hauntingly beautiful and ride the instrumentals in a shockingly smooth manner while the lyrics are filled with soul and intention. Emerson has already garnered over 5 million streams on Hesitate– his debut appearance on a collaboration with fellow Aussie Golden Vessel. Twenty2 foreshadows the direction that Emerson’s solo-work will head in and we could not be more excited to hear what is next.