Why The K is Going: Still Woozy @ The Roxy

Still Woozy makes the kind of music you want to drive around to on a summer afternoon in the Oakland hills– all your friends packed into a 99’ Toyota Corolla, dancing in whatever space you can find between the crammed area full of elbows and legs. He makes the kind of carefree yet energizing sounds that remind us, “it’s okay to just dance by yourself in your car, who cares if that dude is staring”. From his relatively small collection of released songs, picks like “Goodie Bag” and “Lucy” are the breath of fresh air that can cure any midday slump.

Moraga native Sven Gamsky, better known as Still Woozy, has amassed a sizable following over the past couple of years. Starting from his humble roots in the Bay Area, Gamsky melds the soft-spoken reverb-drenched guitar styles of Steve Lacy with layered vocal harmonies and lo-fi hip-hop beat inspired drums.

The unique characteristics of Still Woozy’s sound can’t be pinned down, with songs ranging from funky and upbeat to more relaxed bedroom rainy day pop. The soft vocals Gamsky graces every song with always add a unique touch to his music, with the ability to fit high falsetto parts with layered vocal harmonies.

For now, I can pretend to know how to dance with my headphones on at the bus stop every morning with “Goodie Bag” drowning out the fall weather.

We’ve been DYING to see Still Woozy live and now it looks like we’re in luck. He’s stopping through The Roxy Theatre as part of his tour and you can bet your asses we’ll be there. Tickets are still on sale for anyone looking to groove with The K – you can find them riiight here.

Can’t shake the Wooz!

Photo courtesy of Sumin Choi via SoundBite Magazine. You can view their Still Woozy coverage here.