Why The K is Going: Minimal Effort NYE


New Years Eve is a tricky, tricky night/holiday/anxiety which takes a conscious effort to enjoy. First you have to get passed the fact that another year has passed and that the notion of kissing someone as the ball drops becomes increasingly daunting (and potentially lonely) with age. If you’re like us, all you want is some quality tunes to be blasting as you dance with friends who are slightly inebriated off of all the cheap champagne that was drank at the pregame in hopes of spending less money once out on the town.

Minimal Effort is perfect for just that and all those who- perhaps just for this one night of the year- would like to put in minimal effort. We’re looking forward to watching our friend Justin Jay’s locks (or alternatively Will Clarke’s beard) fly in the wind as we count down and are counting on the fact that Sasha knows we like it dirty. Who knows? There may even be a chance you see some friendly faces from K events and features popping up on the decks… One thing can be sure- we’re going and we won’t leave until Layton Giordani rinses us clean of our sins and prepares us for 2019.