Who is Khruangbin?

Who is Khruangbin?

Straight out of Houston, this unique globally-influenced trio is known for their psychedelic instrumental sounds and minimalistic soft vocals that undeniably radiate positive energy. Interestingly so, the name ‘Khruangbin’ is a Thai word that roughly translates to ‘airplane’ – simplistic but suitable for the ethereal feeling of seamlessly drifting through the vast open air that Khruangbin emits through their music. 

For a band that uses limited vocals and heavily relies on dynamic instrumental blends, it is remarkable to see the level of diversity they achieve between songs– each taking you on a seemingly transcendental journey led by soothing guitar riffs, soft-spoken word-play, and chants.

What should I listen to?

Take a look at the official video for “Cómo Te Quiero, which takes you on an animated nostalgic journey inspired by Khruangbin’s pleasant musical sequence.

Their most recent release with Maribou State, “Feel Good”, is a perfect blend between the two groups’ distinct styles. The track begins with some of Maribou State’s infamous high-pitched vocal chops, followed by Khruangbin’s distinct psychedelic-beachy guitar sequence and soft-spoken chants. The two groups came together and created a track that is undoubtedly a perfect cross between both unique styles.

Full Soundcloud Stream

Khruangbin has been on the rise for a couple of years now, gaining some serious momentum with some of these most recent tracks. Not to mention they are currently the lead support on Leon Bridges’ tour…what a duo. Don’t hesitate to keep up with Khruangbin and for our LA friends- catch them at The Wiltern on November 11th!