What are the Top 10 Kid Cudi Tracks? (Dear Mr. Kind, November)

Welcome to the November edition of The Kollection advice column. Each month The K’s resident therapist, Mr. Kind, selects and responds to a letter from out community member. Trust us when we say that he is a brilliant and tender soul with a knack for telling it how it is.

Dear Mr. Kind,

I’ve kept up with your advice over the months and get excited with each new drop to see what people ask you. Because every question up until this point has been so conceptual (and I agree with just about everything you’ve said), I’m curious about your taste.

With that in mind, what are the top 10 Kid Cudi tracks?

Not much else to say other than, don’t let me down.

Eager as ever,

Stan on the moon

Well Stan,

Alt="Kid Cudi performance"

I am glad that you’ve found my advice to be sound up until this point. Thank you to everyone who wrote in this month, I decided to roll with Stan’s question as I am beyond excited for Man On The Moon 3 and this is a great opportunity to clear up the fact that perspective and taste often go hand in hand.

Enough said, here are the Top 10 tunes…

10. Maui Wowie

This is the Kid Cudi song where he is highest and happiest, the latter being more rare. The energy is infectious and it influenced stoner culture around the world to the point that the price of the strain the song is about went up in value after it was released.

9. Make Her Say

I know what you’re thinking… but it is a near perfect track. Kanye is at his peak sampling here, flipping Lady Gaga like she’s never been flipped, and the lyrics are playful as all hell from start to finish. It’s near Pop perfection.

8. Reborn

This is the best of the Kids See Ghosts tracks and is criminally slept on because of Kanye’s later behavior. Greatness start to finish.

7. Symphonies

Nostalgia goes a long way and this one is full of it. The Dan Black, yeah… I know… who the hell is that again, vocal is actually beautiful when paired with Cudder’s lead vocals and ultimately, this song shows the fleeting moment that Cudi was on top of the world creatively, financially, and at peace his mental health.

6. Heaven At Night

There are certain times where Cudi manages to write lyrics in an almost nursery rhyme pattern that build upon themselves while repeatedly placing an obscure emphasis on individual words. This is Cudi’s wordplay at its finest, folks.

5. All Along

I think this is Kid Cudi’s best singing. The way he jumps from the lowest of raspy lows, almost talking into the mic, to belting with his entire soul captures the sense of solitude and intimacy with oneself that fuels the lyrical content. Sharing a certain beauty found only in depression is a peculiar concept… but Cudi executes here, swiftly.

4. Trapped In My Mind

The keys, the “oowoah,” the compression of vocals, the lyrics… no element of this track falls short of genius. Enough said.

3. Maniac

This song is something like Kid Cudi’s Yeezus but as a single. The production differs greatly from the bulk of his discography and allows for an an experimental flow from start to finish.

2. The Prayer

This one is special, in part because it isn’t on major streaming platforms, but anyone who grew up on Cudi knows the lyrics and emotions that they bring about. When he sings, “Just know that I have made these songs for you,” it’s hard not to believe that to be a fact.

1. Mr. Rager

In my mind, “Mr. Rager” is the number one Cudi record because it captures the energy of his project, career and core values better than any other standalone track. Unlike “Pursuit of Happiness” which unfortunately grew washed as a result of Steve Aoki’s remix, the mainstream appeal of this record does not taint its message or narrative.

Well Stan, how’d I do?

Mr. Kind