We’re Worried About Dancing

There is a whole lot to worry about right now and the tension is palpable.

First and foremost, there is this global pandemic which probably feels as if it supersedes your reality. Then there are your personal woes- how are you going to keep on when seemingly everything around you has come to a halt? Set aside the big picture and your personal narrative momentarily and hear my concern: We’re worried about dancing. 

For as long as we can remember, our team has dedicated at least one night a week to putting on an outfit with some flair and heading to whatever space serves as the best canvas to dance late into the night. The type of dancing I’m referring to is not necessarily choreographed and it does not have to live on any social media platform; rather, it’s composed of strange movements with no feedback loop and a distinctly lacking sense of permanence. This is the dancing that we are worried about. It also exists outside of social settings–in your car, in the rain, all alone upon receiving good news.

This morning, When you commenced your habitual tasks that mark the start of your day, were you stiff? I’ve noted a widespread consensus that we’ve been taking things for granted up until now. “When things go back to normal, I am going to take advantage of each and every day- each and every moment.” When you get up off your couch to explore your refrigerator, are you dragging your feet?

Dos-a-dos out of bed to the sound of sleep, two-step in the shower, sing with a toothpaste flooded mouth, shimmy on a fresh fit, make breakfast breakdance on your plate, bachata with your shadow, salsa, tango, nae nae, cat daddy, dougie, bussdown thotiana! Baila mi amor!  Don’t just wait for things to get better to be better. And whatever you do, don’t stop dancing. 

Keep your eyes peeled for The Kollection lock-in dance initiatives that we have in store over the next couple of weeks. As always, feel free to e-mail us with any ideas you have at [email protected]!

Photography by Jackson Hollister