Vampire Weekend’s “Harmony Hall” & “2021”, Our First Reaction, And What To Expect From The Album

It’s happening, it’s really really happening! Coming off an extended hiatus, Vampire Weekend returns with new music for the first time since their 2013 album- Modern Vampires of the City– which featured iconic tracks such as Step and Dianne Young. The questions everyone has been asking pertain to whether the 5-piece band will have lost their edge, weirdness, and/or youthful energy during the half a decade they took off. Rather than go into the nitty gritty details on how they sampled Japanese composer Haruomi Hosono and which band member sang what, we’d prefer to share our first reaction.

While today’s release does not paint the whole picture of what to expect from the band in 2019- these two singles do answer some questions and prompt some immediate speculations of what’s to come. Remember, it is not just happenstance that these two tracks were the ones they decided to use as comeback fuel. Here are our thought on the first two tracks off of the 18 songs, hour long project due out in April


While this is clearly a Vampire Weekend track, the layering of the vocals and the classic instrumentation results in a very palatable sound. Soft plucking fuel the vocals which are annunciated clearly as lyricism seems to take their place at the forefront of the track. There is a clear narrative in the works pushing themes of nature and time- not in a cryptic approach like Bon Iver but rather all quite clearly stated. Hmmm… they’ve always been pop but will this be the poppiest release yet?


YES. I feared most that the eclectic song structures and vocal distortion elements of their sound would be a thing of the past. The obscure over-used sample that they implement as one of the primary elements of the song points to the fact that we will be getting some of what we need- that freaky sound which inspired countless artists over the last decade. As the track is only 1:38, I’m assuming it’s an interlude of sorts. Themes of time continue through out this single (ie; the title) which has me thinking this isn’t a Drake 25 random track work or a Kanye 7 snippet work- we may be looking at a ROCK n ROOOOLL classic and (WARNING: double entendre ahead)… it’s about time.

Final Thoughts

Conspiracy Theory: Is the album artwork taking subtle digs at Spotify and calling them snakes?

Why no Coachella?

Features or nah?