The Musical Mantra to Escape the Mundane: Fortuno’s “Right Way”

Playing with a mixture of nostalgic tunes and ambient sounds, LA-based trio, Fortuno, brings their listeners into intimate space in their newest single “Right Way.” Like the good Gen Z group that they are, the trio’s tunes touch on topics of self-realization and define their path to success.

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For anyone in their early 20’s, pondering about the uncertain future is all too familiar. Listening to “Right Way” evokes late-night conversations about the uncomfortable, yet fulfilling, transitional period one faces when outgrowing an older version of self — it’s almost as if you’re in the room with bandmates Eli, Ellis, and Tobi as they talk through their fears and excitements.

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Originally from the East Coast, the members of Fortuno met in 2018 on the shoreline of southern Maine. Looking to create something bigger than themselves, music majors and local cover-band-mates Tobi and Ellis joined forces with their former high school classmate and current USC jazz guitar star, Eli. Motivated by their connection to their craft and each other, the trio moved to Southern California to dive headfirst into a full-blown music career.

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Finding inspiration in their struggles as creative young adults, this transition from East Coast buds to dedicated West Coast bandmates deeply influences the sound and lyrical content of their music. Their upcoming EP is a mosaic of their years of moving and committing to a “make-it-work” mentality, and “Right Way” is both a gift to listeners as well as a gift to themselves. Layered with haunting backup vocals and lulling beats, the lyrics read as a thoughtful list of affirmations, making this a rather soulful listen. The breathy, sensual vocals over atmospheric melodics create an effect much like Daniel Caesar’s Case Study 01 mixed with modern trap elements similar to a T Pain track. 

Sounds intriguing? Stream “Right Way.” You’ll get to know the Fortuno guys on the first play.