The Kollection (Vol. 4)

Welcome to The Kollection’s fourth editorial drop!

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Volume 4

Hello Human!

How are you holding up? We know this is a stressful week.

Thank you to Jamie Burkes for the photos used in this post.

Our greatest hopes and our worst fears are at the mercy of America’s voters tomorrow and we sincerely hope you did your part. We at The Kollection have worked exceptionally hard over the last few months to do our part. We are forever appreciative of those in our community who have helped us hone in on what we stand for and how we can make a tangible impact.

Samantha Romero

With your help, we raised hundreds of dollars for the Inner-City Arts foundation with our Tony Camaro hoodie collaboration (see above). We met you on the streets and walked side by side into barrages of tear gas and rubber bullets, from Downtown LA to Portland. We listened closely as you held us accountable with each post, article, and playlist–pushing us to work harder in light of racial injustice and widespread trauma.

“The city burning is Los Angeles’s deepest image of itself,” Joan Didion once famously said; and if you live in LA, you know that the city has been on fire. We’ve seen flames burst out of protests, global warming, and fleeting moments of celebration. Everyone in LA has been forced to reconcile with their new reality, but we’re enduringly proud of those who refuse to give up hope. Hell, Los Angeles took home two world championships this year! 

And so, prior to the media flooding with more election noise than you and our entire team combined could ever sift through, we are excited to present you with a myriad of stories written by the young creatives of Los Angeles and the brightest admirers of this cultural hub we call home.

We’re confident that if you’re reading this after the election tomorrow, as a member of The K community, you’ll know we won’t lose sight of what we’ve worked towards this year. There is so much to be done. And we still have our biggest projects of 2020 arriving in December in place of an editorial drop: our biggest addition to the site to date and a short film that we’ve dedicated our year to perfecting, “Dear Los Angeles.”

So hold on tight folks, 2021 is nearly here! Dive into The Kollection Vol. 4 below (our final editorial drop of the year), keep up with The K on Instagram, and NEVER give up on the power of good music (K Weekly and Komfort are safe bets). Keep your head up and enjoy.

With Love and Solidarity,

The Kollection


Artwork by @jb.was.here

The K Recommends (November)

Each month we will share a show, a film, self-care, a cocktail, a record, and a book that our team has been loving. We may have just stepped your month up a notch.


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We hope that you enjoyed our November updates and editorial! Check back the first week of January for The Kollection Volume 5.

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