New World Survival Guide by The Kollection (Vol. 5)


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Hello Human!

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Would you look at that?

We’re already a month into 2021…

Since our last editorial drop, we released our debut short film, “Dear Los Angeles,” that hopefully you’ve already gotten a chance to check out. We were ecstatic with the response from our community, humbled by Flaunt Magazine, and brought to tears when we saw the cover + a 3 page spread on DT News! We learned so much over the course of the production and we cannot wait to take on another project of this caliber soon.

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Before we fill you in on what we’ve been up to, take a moment to consider Black Lives Matter and the support you’ve shown in 2021. The international support for people of color that we saw in 2020 should continue to ring loud and clear this month. Loud and clear forever. We’ve compiled a list of online events for Black History Month that are a convenient means of educating yourself, and those around you, from home.

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After releasing the short film, we spent the last 2 months building our online store, designing our new merch, and taking our newest playlist, CLOSER LOOK, live. All the while, the editorial department has been busy brainstorming which opinions, advice, and even products will help The Kollection community navigate a predictably volatile year. With that in mind, we packaged the pieces together as a…


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You see, soon enough we will quite literally be entering a new world.

We’ve got a new president, new values, new hairstyles, new lovers, new taste, and new vaccines are popping up daily it seems! Soon enough, we’re all going to have to take on a new mentality as we’re permitted to step outside our homes and face the world at large once more.

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Our features this month touch on the grand misconception about mental health, the future of Electronic Music, a flaw in the music industry, worship vs. fandom, and the future of nostalgia. Vivian’s Love and Sex column has some sound advice on post-pandemic dating, Scott broke down music discovery (the right way), and Sean’s Empire report features two wild stories from his time spent in the field last year. Of course, we’ve also got you covered on K Recommendations. Each piece took YOU into careful consideration so we’d love to hear your feedback!

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2021 is here! Dive into The Kollection’s New World Survival Guide below, keep up with The K on Instagram, and NEVER give up on the power of good music (K Weekly and Komfort are hot as ever). You are a 10 in our book so keep on enjoying the little things!

With Love and Solidarity,

The Kollection


New World Survival Guide

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The K Recommends (February)

Each month we will share a show, a film, self-care, a cocktail, a record, and a book that our team has been loving. We may have just stepped your month up a notch.


ENJOY! (America’s Misconception About Mental Health)

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The Resurrection of Electronic Music (Teaching Taste With Ardalan)

Fan CULTURE: Are Artists Worthy of Worship?

Harold Adler’s Art House and the Future of Nostalgia


Love and Sex: The Guide to Post-Pandemic Dating

Field Notes on a Crumbling Empire: Seattle’s Autonomous Zone

How to Discover New Music in 2021 (The Right Way)

We hope that you enjoyed our February updates and editorial! Check back the first week of April for The Kollection Volume 6.

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