The Kollection (Vol. 3)

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Volume 3

Hello Human!

How are you, yes you, doing? We certainly hope you’re getting on alright.

Absolutely wild times we are living in, we’re sure you agree. Instead of banging on about that like everyone does, ourselves included, we have an array of projects to share that will take your mind off the madness! First and foremost, thank you to Jackson Hollister for each of the fantastic photos seen below.

The Kollection Volume 3 has arrived, we know you’ve surely been waiting all month, eagerly refreshing your browser, first Monday of every month, remember? Even if you haven’t, even if you’re just catching onto the new thing we’ve been doing over here, welcome to it. Every month we drop a stellar collection of features, columns and recommendations for your viewing pleasure.

This month we take you to the front lines of protests in Portland, Oregon, a story rife with terror, humor and a shocking number of feds. A story that will have you strapping on a respirator and bike helmet screaming, Gas Me Daddy! We breakdown Rolling Stone’s updated list of the 500 best records of all time in all of its glorious idiocy, taking some well deserved shots (yet far more polite than last time) at Pitchfork and why Harry Styles is out ranking Bob Dylan. You get to know Morgan Saint like never before with an in depth interview regarding her new completely self-made EP, HELP, Vivian gives you the ins and outs of dating with anxiety, we find out how you can date someone with a different music taste and why Pinterest is the superior social network for 2020. 

With all that in mind, there’s another order of business, something serious we must discuss. You, yes YOU, need to vote. Vote. VOTE please for the love of all that is good in the world, for the love of music, for the love of the arts, for compassion for your fellow human regardless of physical attributes, vote. We know social media has been pounding you over the head with a laundry list of things you have to do to be a good person. Checking everyone of those boxes is a fool’s errand, it’s impossible and impractical. There is one box you need to check one month from today and that is for Joe Biden in the voting booth. Just bite your tongue and swallow your pride for christsake and vote before we all die of Coronavirus and the whole world turns into Portland. 

On that happy note, please enjoy The Kollection Volume 3, we worked well and hard on it! Be sure to let us know what you think at [email protected]

With love and solidarity,

The Kollection


The K Recommends (OCTOBER)

Each month we will share a show, a film, self-care, a cocktail, a record, and a book that our team has been loving. We may have just stepped your month up a notch.


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We hope that you enjoyed our October updates and editorial! Check back the first week of November for The Kollection Volume 4.

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