The Kollection (Vol. 2)

Volume 2

Hello Human,

We hope that you, yes you, are doing well.

Last month we launched our new editorial structure and packed our drop to the brim with articles showcasing the true stories behind Techno, Rock n Roll, Jazz, and Influencers. The first Monday of September happened to fall on Labor Day, so we figured that we would take some time to consider what it means to work (or not) in 2020.

As most of us work in entertainment, we have seen most everyone we know be furloughed or fired. One of our strong suits at The K is staying positive though, so we have kept our heads up and done all we can to combat the cocktail of boredom and bankruptcy while keeping our efforts to flatten the curve and get back to throwing events at the forefront of our minds. Zoom meetings have been a regular occurrence but still we miss gathering with one another more than anything.

With the shifts we are seeing in society and the world, nothing will ever be quite the same. There is a divide at hand with people who recognize this and people who are holding onto their old ways. We have been astonished to see people throwing events like there isn’t a pandemic happening. Astonished. We have been blown away that after the predatory behavior of certain touring artists has been exposed, people keep listening to their music. It is important to embrace change. We traded stories with a senior in high school for one of our pieces and let us be the first to tell you, the next generation is going to be in a different league than us. They have been going through it constantly.

We have been hard at work (yes, even on Labor Day) getting together The Kollection Volume 2. Even when the world is on fire, which it literally is in LA, The Kollection is dedicated to bringing you thought provoking reading material for the month. This September we’re throwing up some middle fingers and taking some well-deserved shots at album reviews, inconsiderate super-spreaders, US interventionism, and patriarchy. But don’t think we’re bitter – quite the contrary. Our relentless optimism cannot be burned away, without it, we wouldn’t be The K.

To close on an exciting note, our Tony Camaro collaboration is dropping next week with all proceeds going to Inner-City Arts. Good things are coming.

Enjoy this fresh batch of content and be sure to let us know what you think at [email protected]!

With love and solidarity,

The Kollection


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We hope that you enjoyed our September updates and editorial! Check back the first week of October for The Kollection Volume 3.