The Kollection (Vol. 1)

Volume 1

Hello Human,

We hope that you, yes you, are doing well.

We at The Kollection have had quite the 2020. First, the cancellation of events (oh Dream Machine, you will happen one day) shook our lives and livelihood to its core and then, in just a matter of weeks, we made the teamwide decision to put our public endeavors on pause for the first time since we launched in 2010. We were needed elsewhere. We were out protesting, creating, and having conversations. Conversations with ourselves, conversations with our colleagues in parallel industries, conversations with our friends and neighbors.

No justice, no peace. 

From Los Angeles, to Seattle, to New York, our team has been on the ground fighting for what is right, and learning for ourselves how to amplify the Black voices that created and define our scenes, our cultures and our unilateral obsession with this strange thing called music. There would be no Kollection without them, no “Music For The Rest Of Us.” There would be no rock and roll, no hip hop, no jazz, no indie, no house, no techno without their vision and leadership. What a fucking world that would be.

In that time of reflection and conversation, we looked at ourselves in the mirror. 

We saw the platform that regularly evolved to support our community for over a decade, but there was a disparity between our voiced intention and the consistency, variety, and clarity of our actions. If our aim is to recognize, support, and protect the art and perspectives of those who built everything we love, we owe it to our community to actually understand, and then make it known, how everything came to be. 

As a somewhat niche lifestyle brand, expanding beyond music and art meant venturing outside of our supposed expertise. We have always found comfort in controversy, but primarily that which is controversial in our respective lane–Marshmello and The Chainsmokers still suck. Before today, showcasing the political views of the creatives we respect took precedence over showcasing our own ability to paint a research-backed picture of what is going on in the world. You see, The Kollection is built upon passionate 20-somethings, mostly music nerds, whose screens remain open long after we clock out of our day jobs. While the aim is to grow The Kollection into a thriving business that refuses to sacrifice even a sip of its soul, we realize there are more important things to consider as we continue our journey there.

And yes, one day, we will get there all thanks to people like you… who care.

Yup, we are in-de-pen-dent.

We have had our eyes and hearts opened by the people we have met and the conversations we’ve had in 2020. While we have made an effort to support local artists, encourage dancing at home, and raise money for Amoeba Records, today feels like the first leap in the right direction. And trust us, it is the first of many.

As we move forward and break our editorial silence with this tremendous bank of information, opinions, and recommendations, we are committed to taking a stand for what is right, guiding you to that which is good, and above all, being honest. We are still going to stick to the music. But, music is political and at this point it should be clear that there would be very little to live for if not for creatives of color. The Kollection is the same, but improved. We want you to know you can stand by us and we will always stand with you. 

We are excited to announce that each month, a new volume of content will drop on The Kollection.

This editorial structure was inspired by the great publications of our youth, such as The Source and The New Yorker. With each drop, you will hear the uncensored thoughts and opinions of 20-somethings who are just like you, features that dive deeper than ever into the things we love most, and columns and recommendations to refresh your palette. Oh, and also a letter from The K like this one.

We have been on the ground and in our homes, putting our bodies on the line and testing our mental fortitude to generate these stories and are confident that the effort put forth will ensure that we live up to our own ideals. So without further ado, take some time to dive into The Kollection Vol. 1, Honesty, below that is hosted on our UPDATED WEBSITE and will be covered on our INSTAGRAM over the weeks to come.

PS- New merch and a short film coming very soon.

With love and solidarity,

The Kollection


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We hope that you enjoyed our August updates and editorial! Check back the first week of September for The Kollection Volume 2.