The K Recommends Self Care (February)

Scala Foot Peel Exfoliating Mask

After a long hard day of work what’s your first move? Kick on Netflix and watch Prison Break again? Toss some food in the microwave? Make a beautiful home cooked meal for a loved one? All of those things are for suckers. Morons and dullards who don’t know the first thing about self care. Do you go to yoga? Chump move. Exercise? Fascist. 

I am an expert on taking care of myself. Believe me, you should see how I live. I have a Maserati and Gucci slides. I have a closet full of Supreme and countless men and women dying to wine and dine me. My secret? The Scala Footpeel Mask. 

Every single day I pamper my beautiful feet by sticking them in little plastic bags full of goo. Some kind of glorious chemical literally eats into my feet and peels off layers of skin until they are red and raw, as any good set of feet should be. 

Listen, in 2021 everyone’s into it. I read Vivian’s love and sex column I know what it’s like out there. A beautiful, well-peeled set of feet will get you far in this world. With this Scala Foot Peel, you could get those 10 toes 5 plus minutes of screentime in a Tarantino film. If you’re not a sucker or a fool you will buy this product through the link. Life’s short, fuck it, soak your dirty little feet in chemicals for an hour a day, and watch the benjamins pile up. Everyone at the Kollection is incredibly wealthy from the Scala Foot Peel. Join us in the glorious world of beautiful people with beautiful feet. Bless yourself with the Scala Foot Peel, purchased through this link. The Scala Foot Peel. Just do it, but through the link. 

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