The K Recommends Self-Care [April] | Pedicures

Guys, it’s time to normalize getting pedicures.

This week, I had the profound pleasure of treating myself to my very first pedicure at DOT Nail Salon in San Francisco, and let me tell you- it changed my outlook on life. The sun shines a bit stronger now, the air is a touch more crisp, and the pep in my step simply cannot be stopped. So, for this month’s K Recommends Self-Care, I am highly suggesting you go out and book yourself a pedicure, king.

Dude I get it, I had reservations at first, too. Will they even tolerate my hobbit feet? What if I am too ticklish? Surely they don’t expect me to get nail polish too? What will my homies think?

Believe me, those fears will dissipate instantly. Arriving, I’m greeted with warm smiling eyes in the beautifully chic salon furnished with white leather thrones. King shit. As I sit down I am offered champagne and chocolates. Are you kidding me, my guy? ‘Course and thank you. 

I submerge my feet into the warm soapy bath they’ve poured for me. Enjoying the bubbly, they move on to trimming my nails, cleaning up my cuticles, and using what can only be described as sandpaper on a stick to scrape my feet clean. Fifteen minutes in, I am being exfoliated up to my knees with pink bath salts and massaged with hot lotion. At this point I am just thinking, “how on earth does this all only cost $35?” The list goes on and on. 

The artist looks at his blank canvas and asks me if I’d like to have them painted a color. I look to my buddies next to me, and without hesitation we all give the nod of agreement- we’re getting these bad boys painted. Kollection Pink for me sir, thank you kindly.

I left the establishment pretty damn amped on the entire experience. It’s just a shame I’ve gone this long in my life without getting one. I’m changing that, and so should you!

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