The K Recommends a Show (October)

Six Feet Under (Kathy Bates, 2001).

 Six Feet Under is a show unlike any other. The early 2000’s vibe in Los Angeles, the HBO backed drama with oddities that just make sense, the fact that it has both the best pilot as well as the best finale I have ever seen. In simplicity, as I finished all five seasons of Six Feet Under, it is an absolute necessity to recommend this month.Yet, I forgot that the whole reason I watched it was because no one could explain to me what it was actually about. Now, I am in the same predicament, but let me take a crack at it as it is more than worth a try.

Six Feet Under is the complicatedly cold yet heartwarming brain child of Alan Ball, the same man who brought you the cult classic blessing that is American Beauty. About a family in Los Angeles who own and operate a funeral home (in their own home), Six Feet Under deals with the extensions of death in some of the most beautiful, brutal, and witty ways. Starring Michael C. Hall (Dexter, it’s Dexter), Peter Krause, and featuring just about every working actor that went on auditions in the late ’90s, HBO somehow made a show that not only stands strong 20 years later, but also sticks with you for the rest of your life. It’s a little bit Sopranos, a little bit Sex and The City, and a whole lot of Adam’s family, but make it relatably kosher. It’s the kind of show where you fall in love with each character, yet have moments where you hate them as if they came out of the screen and hurt you too. Each episode starts with a death, many hauntingly hilarious and some that queue up some sobs seconds after pressing play. But Six Feet Under helps you admit that you do fear death while reminding you how much love and life you have to live.

Does that make sense? Are you at least intrigued? All I can tell you is give it a watch. You’ll thank me later. 

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