The K Recommends A Show [April] |The One

If you enjoyed Black Mirror you should dive into the Netflix Series: The One. It’s essentially a whole season of one Black Mirror episode loaded with all of the minute details that get glossed over in the one hour episodes. 

A DNA researcher develops a way to find a person’s perfect biological match. The One. In The One’s universe people submit DNA samples to a company and they cross reference your DNA with all the DNA they have. An app on your phone notifies you if you have a match within the system, and if you don’t they’ll tell you when you do. 

‘The One’ Cast via The Tab

The concept is sound, and despite lapses in acting and some pretty solid plot holes the one season of the show available on Netflix is incredibly binge worthy. Corporate espionage, murder, drugs, sex, it’s all there. The show isn’t super highly rated but that’s for you to decide, I personally enjoyed the hell out of it and was properly upset when I realized there was no season to after burning through the first in two sittings. 

The sickest character in the show is also a journalist and his style is impeccable. I can get down with any journalist shows but this guy’s got that London street style to take it over the top. I hopped on ASOS immediately after watching to cop some new wardrobe pieces and if that’s not the hallmark of a good show I don’t know what is.