The K Recommends a Record (October)

Fleet Foxes – Shore

In September we were blessed with heaps of good records, with albums from Fleet Foxes, Yellow Days, Sufjan Stevens, and much more. But the former’s album, the much-anticipated 4th LP from Robin Pecknold and co. couldn’t have come at a better time. Beautifully written and arranged as we’ve come to expect from these indie heavyweights, “Shore” feels like the Fleet Foxes of old, yet still fresh and imaginative. From the album opener, you’re thrown into a scene of relaxing optimism as the Foxes wind through a bevy of tunes; some meditative, some upbeat, some melancholy, the full emotional spectrum is covered. And it may just be me, but the world really felt like it could use a new FF album, all things considered.

On tunes like the percussion-less “Featherweight”, we’re treated to the lush guitar-centric arrangements that have yet to lose their charm and the effortless vocal chops that have become the band’s calling card. Flexing their range on “Maestranza”, the band surprisingly picks up the pace led by some tasty drum work that’s flashy yet not overserved, driving the song forward as instruments come in, out, and around Pecknold’s arp flourishes and grandiose vocal performance. These were obvious highlights for me and I definitely could go on, but we’d rather you find your own standouts, coffee in hand and hoodie up in the still calm of the morning.

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