The K Recommends A Record [April] | Tako Tsubo

Now fully out of winter and in the midst of spring, what better way to soundtrack your sunny weekends and late, groove-filled nights than with the slick grooves of L’Impératrice

The sextet’s newest record, Tako Tsubo, has some of the band’s finest cuts to date, with sultry slow burners like “Digital Sunset”, or the groovy “Hématome” which jumps between thumping verses and a disco-esque chorus. The ever-increasing range that these posh musicians exhibit on the record is remarkable, considering how strong their last record was. They sound tighter, more confident, and, for lack of a better term, fucking buttery.

The bridge section on “Off to the Side”? Goodness, that disco break will get anyone out of their seat. The rhythm section sounds so good you’d think they were sampling from a Chic record, while the guitar and keys take turns fledging out melodies; this is all tied together by Flore Benguigui’s smooth-as-velvet vocals, making for a record that you’ll be showing to your friends all year.