The K Recommends a Film (February)

Sound Of Metal (Darius Marder, 2019)

As an audiophile, avid music listener, and music producer, my worst fear is losing my hearing. Hands down. I’d lose my shit. So, when I recently had the pleasure of watching Darius’ Marder’s “Sound of Metal” it is safe to say I considered it a horror film. (no it is not actually a horror film, it is beautiful and you should watch it)

Alt="Riz Ahmed character shot"
Riz Ahmed as Ruben, Sound of Metal

Featuring Riz Ahmed, the film highlights a professional metal drummer’s struggle with coming to terms with his very abrupt loss of hearing. Ahmed brilliantly displays the constant emotional battle this artist fights as he copes with his condition, sobriety, and his relationship. In hopes to find salvation, the artist joins a deaf community for addicts, where he learns sign language, builds friendships, and dreams of one day hearing again.

Alt="Ruben at deaf community"
Ruben at Deaf Community

This intensely emotional production does an amazing job from an audio standpoint as well, as the movie finds a balance between deaf silence and hearing noise. The low muffle of a high-quality subwoofer makes this film all the more intense as it auralizes the muted sense of hearing and cochlear implants throughout.

Alt="Ruben drumming"
Ruben attempting to drum with hearing loss

If you’re looking for a tear-jerking and powerful display of remarkable acting, do yourself a favor and check out Sound of Metal this month!

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