The Chemical Brothers – Free Yourself (Official Video)


Huge budget, incredible concept, directed by DOMANDNIC– this video is absolute gold. When this track first dropped in September, I was unsure if it would bring anything to the table (for me personally) unless that table involved someone maniacal enough to play this at a warehouse event. Having now seen this video, I might just start treating this track as my own personal Harlem Shake.

It is beyond impressive that the CGI and effects flaunt the same production quality as shows like Black Mirror. Thankfully, unlike the dystopian show’s viewing experience, I’m actually happy after watching this obscure dance-topian electronic adventure. While the narrative is ridiculous to the rational mind, the theme of dance in place of violence as a form of rebellion is something that I can absolutely get behind. Let’s hear it for these OGs- they’re still getting after it.