The Best Tracks Inspired by the City of Los Angeles (The Kollection’s Favorite Songs About LA)

The City of Angels,

a breeding ground for creative works of all walks of life. It is the cultural hub where varied taste mixes like none other, and it remains an infinitely inspiring landscape to so many of the greats.

From its beaches to celebrity cameos to the romanticized boulevards to the endless sunshine, it is easy to see why Los Angeles has become such a muse for bands and artists over the decades. There are a million songs about LA and a million more that could be written.

That said, as you scour Google, you will find the same handful of tracks that are referenced over and over again: The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Under the Bridge”, Kanye West’s “No More Parties In LA”, Randy Newman’s “I Love LA” and the Kink’s “Celluloid Heros.” Evidently, there is a lack of passion or research at hand.

Here at The K there is no lack of passion or research behind curation so we’ve compiled our favorite songs about the city that we hold so close to our hearts. Enjoy!

Allah Las – 200 South La Brea

Alt="Allah Las Band"
Allah Las

Writing seemingly timeless music is no easy task, but one of our favorite LA garage rock bands, Allah Las, has been doing just that since forming in 2008. Their third LP, Calico Review, captures the Southern Californian psych-rock scene in spitting image, bringing the sounds of the 60s to the modern-day. Track 9, “200 South La Brea”, really “feels like home, it feels just like LA” according to the K’s own Jacob Luna! Enjoy the sounds of Allah Las’ warm surf rock sound:

Allah Las – South La Brea

Circle Jerks – Wild in the Streets

Alt="Circle Jerks Band"

The Circle Jerks encompasses everything we love about the energetic, chaotic, don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of the gritty South Bay punk scene. As the Kollection’s own Caroline Peacock reminisces, Wild In The Streets captures the “down and dirty energy of Hermosa beach at the time [her] parents lived there”, making this track really feel like LA. Recorded in Hollywood in the early 80s, Wild in the Streets brought the angst and aggression of LA streets onto vinyl. Take a listen to this incredibly pure punk tune:

The Circle Jerks – Wild In The Streets

Everclear – Santa Monica

Alt="Everclear Band"

Hailing from the westside of LA, Everclear’s own lead singer, Art Alexakis, writes about escaping to the very town that raised him, for better or worse. From their 1995 album, Sparkle and Fade, Everclear’s “Santa Monica” is a classic alternative rock meets west coast grunge tune that begs a listen. The track is a perfect example of how the palm trees and beaches of Los Angeles free your mind of the troubles you leave behind, no matter how badly burnt your past is. Have a listen to Will Mingrone’s top LA song!

Everclear – Santa Monica

The Doors – LA Woman

Alt="The Doors Band"
The Doors

Hardly needs an introduction. This whole song is about a love/hate relationship with Los Angeles. It’s infamous highways, its coastlines, its bars, and its women, you name it. In a make-shift recording studio in Santa Monica, Morrison famously recorded the album’s vocals in a bathroom. Some even say he did so with a beer in hand. As a Los Angeles woman herself, the Kollection’s Vivian Laurence has held fond memories of this song through the years. If you aren’t acquainted already with the legendary tune, have a listen and appreciate an all-time classic!

The Doors – L.A Woman

Lana Del Rey – Let Me Love You Like A Woman

Alt="Lana Del Rey"
Lana Del Rey

We’ve been really excited about Lana Del Rey’s seventh forthcoming studio album, and this leading single serves as an amazing tease of what to expect. This heartfelt love poem describes Lana’s desire to leave Los Angeles, as she writes, “I come from a small town, how ‘bout you? I only mention ‘cause I’m ready to leave LA,” Lana’s words represent a longing we all feel from time to time. The lights, the constant motion, and the overwhelmingly fake personality of this town can get to you. Take a listen to Kollection Manager Kian’s LA Pick, Lana’s leading single “Let Me Love You Like A Woman”!

Lana Del Rey – Let Me Love You Like A Woman