TÂCHES’ “Heart Over Heels” Has Us Dancing On A Bed Of Bongos

I chase the feeling I got only a minute and twenty seconds into TÂCHES’ 5 track project: Heart Over Heels. If an artist knows how to build expectation to the point where you begin doubting the direction of a track but then they flip it on its head then it feels that much sweeter- like a friend who was ignoring you your entire birthday only to find out they had planned you a surprise party. Sofia’s Theme is an extremely strong lead track which relies on layers upon laters of beautifully produced production and the sweet sweet vocals of Arum Flowers who is additionally featured on track 3.

Dancing With Wolves is equally impressive as Sofia’s Theme in its percussion but highlight TÂCHES experimental side as a practically inaudible sample fades in and out, someone wails beautifully on the flute, and the occasional guitar riff adds a fiery cadence to the track’s energy. The repetition of “everything goes” feels like just another instrument- not overdone or annoying at any point as it rest perfectly on instrumental.

As a much fuller kick launched I Don’t Look Back into my headphones, I was immediately excited to hear Arum Flowers singing over the production once more. While I prefer the opening tack, the isolated vocals three minutes into I Don’t Look Back establish an incredible break as TÂCHES continues to toy with the energy. The vocals are layered intensely in different forms- muttering, ad libs and a high pitched wave like moan all share the blissful almost spiritual sound which Arum Flowers beholds- in overlaying them, a one-woman choir of sorts. At this point in the project, I realized how quickly time was passing in listening to these tracks- each one with such meticulous production that even with my full attention I felt I was missing certain nuances.

Meet You in the Moonlight is the most lively of the 5 songs and feels like something you’d hear at Sabrina The Teenage Witches’ prom- pleasantly spooky at times and with an unexplainable vintage feel to it. The break around 2:30 is hauntingly pleasant and leads into the most techno-oriented progression of the project before bringing back the bongos, baby.

The housier bass-line which fuels this track had me thinking we were in store for some 2013 wonky TÂCHES and while I would have loved to hear it, it would not have resulted in a cohesive project. CHECK THIS OUT if you don’t know what I’m talking about- perhaps mellowing out with age is natural. Instead, we are blessed with a slower BPM and more beautiful production which wraps this excellent EP which should serve as framework for other house and techno artists who often lack the ability to create a project which works as a package in which each song benefits or points to the next in some way.

heart over heals, heart over heels, head over heels 🙂