The K is stoked for Stoke the World

With art, music, and an overwhelming desire to create human connections, Stoke the World is back for the third year and the Kollection and friends feel so lucky to be a part of it!

Opening Friday, June 28th at 10:00 AM and closing Sunday, June 30th at 2:00 PM, this meaningful Gathering will be held at Live Oak Campground, set deep inside the Santa Barbara mountains.

The man behind the gathering, Kelly Ridder, says that he “was inspired by every event [he’s] ever gone to” and has “thrown everything [he] enjoyed from other events into the creation of Stoke the World.”

It is through channeling the best of the best of every festival that Stoke the World has become its own unique, dynamic festival. Featuring four stages with everything from live shows to electronic sets to yoga workshops, Stoke the World has a sprinkle of something for everyone. Though built on the cohesion of art and music, Stoke the World is more than that; it is a means of building and developing collaboration, connection, and, above all, community.

It is with this goal of community and shared connection that we encourage anyone and everyone to come out and bask in a weekend filled with amazing music, incredible art, and the people who create it.

To be a part of our big ol’ Kollection community, come see us at Sunken City stage, where we’ll be spinning a mixed genre set with tracks ranging from heavy-hitting European techno to bass-driven indie electronic symphonies– all in the hopes of filling the lovely landscape with pure good energy.

To experience this one of a kind gathering, get your tickets at https://my805tix.com/events/stokegathering2019/tickets

You can also follow the event on Instagram