Sirus Hood – PAF

I love the notion of a track being “proper ______.” I don’t necessarily believe that this points to the right way of producing a genre ( ie; “proper techno.”), rather a track can alternatively be a “proper tune” or “proper fun.” Today, Sirus Hood released…

a proper dancefloor weapon!

There is minimal aggression to this track. Every variable, from the vocals samples to the snares, fit in quite snug like a puzzle piece. As each puzzle piece is added, there is a bit more excitement to the tracks energy as it grows into its final form. With DirtyBird artists, one might expect them to try and flex a new style of sound in order to stand out or deviate from expectations. Sirus Hood- a proper dirty little birdy- does just the opposite with this track and it could not feel more right. Enjoy this soon to be OG tune which serves as the title track for the much anticipated PAF EP set to drop on Friday.