Shy Girls – Headfucked

Shy Girls‘ “Headfucked” transports you to a place of almost nothingness. It sends you into a sense of lethargy, into a day where your body is grounded to the couch, but your mind lost in the clouds. As it softly sings, “I’ve been lost in my mind, all day,” it envelopes you. It puts you in a daze of smoothness and subtly. It washes a gray hue over everything. The song is a daze, and you are deep, deep in it.

And yet despite the lethargy-inducing vibe, the song is also undeniably sensual. Shy Girls– otherwise known as the one man wonder that is Dan Vidmar– has a way of layering each of his songs with a subtle sensuality, perfectly formed by his soft beats and smooth voice. “Headfucked” is this talent at its peak.