An entire year has passed since the release of SEBASTIAN PAUL’s breakthrough EP titled “TROJAN HORSE”. The critically acclaimed collection of songs made a name for the up-and-coming artist and left the audience tirelessly waiting for more from the grungy bedroom electronic artist. Today, we are blown away yet again with PAUL’s immense talent and ability to deliver fresh music that bends genres in an unparalleled and exceptional manner. 

The new single, INDULGE, offers hard-hitting hip-hop drums layered with the warm, grimey bass and catchy distorted guitar licks. Though none of these elements are new to electronic music, PAUL’s sinister usage has created a sound we are unfamiliar with, but undeniable hooked on. The lyrics describe the impulsive moments of life where our sense of judgment is lost, and we are forced to “give in”. This is all delivered with an infectious chorus that will undoubtedly sway you into singing and dancing along. The end of the single breaks down into a vinyl crackling to faint synth chords– perhaps alluding to another EP from the artist? The Kollection will keep an eye out for what this plot twist ending means, but in the meantime treat yourself to listen to the amazing new tune and follow this artist-to-watch on his socials!