Rence’s “Strawberry Blonde” is the Summer You Wish You Had

Rence, an up-and-comer out of LA, further defines his undefinable music with each release. He broke onto the scene through his 2018 single “Baby Blue”, an intoxicating blend of melancholy lyrics layered over dreamy and atmospheric synth.

“Baby Blue” has since amassed over 11 million streams on Spotify, and 2019 was an even bigger year for Rence. He collaborated with the likes of Noah Cyrus on his upbeat track “Expensive” and was signed by Epic Records in June 2019. His staple summer track, “Sometimes Things Just Fall Apart”, was released late June and is something that the quarantined world truly needed (and still does). It’s delicate, impactful, and an oh-so vulnerable ballad examining the trials and tribulations of life crafted from the depths of Rence’s psyche.

With a track record as powerful as this, one could only expect amazing things from Rence in the future, and guess what? The future is NOW. Come on, he just dyed his hair blonde – we all knew he was up to something. Rence’s brand new drop, “Strawberry Blonde”, is the edgy funk that we could all use right now. Once again, Rence is redefining the idea of genre through a complete rejection of the concept. Coming off of his gentle June drop, “Strawberry Blonde” is even more striking. The song’s vintage (and very pink) aesthetic is embodied in the teasers as a complete subtweet hidden under a veil of sickeningly sweet beats.

In his recently posted teaser video, Rence is straight pigging out on a variety of sweets that would give anyone a bellyache. The song’s lyrics are the cherry on top of this aesthetic cake, and reveal a deeper meaning in which he laments over the unreadable intrigue of the song’s subject that is irresistible yet has the potential to leave him unsatisfied.

You can check out “Strawberry Blonde” on Spotify or Youtube. But be careful, it’s so sweet that you might get hooked. 🍓

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