(KLCTN Premiere) Jaiwolf – Lost (Dillon Nathaniel Remix)

Today we are honored to premier arguably the best remix off of Jai Wolf’s drop today and there’s nothing quite like a Friday release that you know will define your weekend. We have a strong suspicion that Dillon Nathaniel’s flip of Jaiwolf’s Lost is going to do just that for you.

Dillon Nathaniel has fine-tuned is production on this FINE TUNE.  The progression of this track is absolutely mental as if Dillon Nathaniel is playing a reverse game of Jenga- stacking sounds that you think might topple the vibe but he repeatedly prevails. There’s an undeniable improvement in what we’re seeing from Dillon as he continues to grow out of the SoundCloud sinkhole and into the aspiring producer scene. From what we saw during his CRSSD set, it’s looking like he’ll be here for the long haul, as his take on tech house and ability to keep the crowd grooving put him in a great position within the culture.