K is spooky

don’t let the rufus opening fool ya
lots of jumps to make it happen
used to spin in some heavy dubstep
now its a bit of dnb here and there
with some fuego a la nina kraviz

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at The K as it is a well known fact that our team likes to get dark and spooky. Today as a follow up to K is experimenting with hats, we are excited to bring you a soundtrack for all your creepy cravings. If you’ve already listened to Rezz’s Nightmare On Rezz Street and RL Grime’s Halloween VII (if not stream them below), then it is time to switch it up to this techno-heavy mix that opens with Rufus’ Solace and closes leaving you with a sensation that you’ve been transported to a club far from America and deep underground.

Some ID highlights are Nina Kraviz’ remix of Marie Davidson’s Workaholic Paranoid Bitch and Calibre’s remix of TEED’s Garden. Enjoy, ya freaks!