ORIGINAL MIX: K is cleaning up…

if the music is dirty, keep it clean
have been listening to lots of old felix da housecat and soulwax tunes so I’ve been addicted to playing around with their vocal driven dancey style and it has me moving

with love- k

Our very own “K is” has recorded his first original mix of 2020 and it is jam-packed with deep cuts and drivey house & techno. The mix starts out very vocal-driven and at a slower BPM but give it a matter of minutes and you will find yourself tapping your foot at an increasingly faster and furious rate. In the description of the mix, K points to likes of Felix Da Housecat and Soulwax as the influence for the direction of the hour-long live mix so go deep dive into their projects if you enjoy the sound.

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Photo taken by Chad Gledhill.