Novo Amor – Utican

Bon Iver, is that you?


Novo Amor’s Blissful Utican

I heard Utican for the first time this past Friday and I was ecstatic as the listening experience was reminiscent of listening to Bon Iver but without all the emotional baggage I have associated with the Wisconsin legend. Leave it to Novo Amor to then drop a video directed by Ethan Graham and shatter this mindless experience. The visuals bring whole a whole new meaning to the seemingly lively and upbeat track and “represent a proud and immediate realization of growing up.” Ultimately, I now enjoy the song more despite having to transfer it from my happy playlists to my sad playlists.

The K is so excited for Novo Amor’s debut album Birthplace which is out October 19. Go give the aspiring legend a follow on twitter, instagram, and facebook to keep up with his story!