Novo Amor, Gia Margaret – No Fun / Lucky for You

Novo Amor and Gia Margaret fuse their tender talents into melancholic lullabies with their No Fun / Lucky for You single. The combination of Novo Amor’s delicate sound and Gia’s sincere, pure voice is a powerful one; it creates a union of gentleness and emotional chemistry.

It begins softly. Full of shadows, haunting and confusing, “No Fun” is a song of hopelessness and helplessness. Intertwining with the strum of guitar, Gia sings simply of her confusion, her sadness, her loss. There is pain and poise as the words flow forward effortlessly and truthfully.


The breathtaking, gentle plucks meld together in the song of loss that is “Lucky for You.” The male and female voices tell a tale of two; they are so slightly layered over one another, weaving together the separate sorrows.

No Fun / Lucky for You is quietly arresting. It seizes your heart and it infuses you with the emotions of the music. It draws you into its world of subtleties and melancholies, and it leaves you awash in the sound.