Mija – Almost Enough

Any notion in the last handful of years that Mija must “prove herself” as an artist since transcending her long-forgotten past as a club promoter is ridicule. Since her first introduction to public eye, Mija has remained an energetic force on the decks and has had a creative eye which put most other talents to shame; your favorite artist doesn’t have a collab with Heelys. While Owsla provides her with an incredible support system, Mija was never defined by the Skrillex-launched industry entity. Mija is and always has been Mija, progressing and innovating yes, but enduringly Mija. Today, the release of her two track EP “Just Enough” marks a major stepping stone in her career as she has released what could be viewed as almost an ode to herself.

I Hope To Cure Myself of You has a beautiful build which is broken up by Mija’s whispering, somber vocals which come accross as free form poetry with an interspersed blend of passionate clubby samples and the occasional breaking out into a fleeting traditional ballad. A call to “stop smoking you” and “stop drinking you” encourages introspection within any wary listener- everything here is intentional. With the rolling bass and the old-school breaking of the high-hats and snares, it is hard to find an answer to “what does she mean” as one becomes almost intoxicated in the perfect randomness of the track. The sensuality is there but remains innocent, begging nothing more than for you to listen back to the track once more.

Perhaps only in listening to the second track Dead Flowers & Cigarettes is it revealed that the issue may not lie in the You fueling the previous track but rather in the innate darkness of “the saddest girl” I know. The demons present in the previous song then morph into a concept or anxiety rather than a human being. Whatever it is, refusing happiness a place in the lyricism, simultaneously twists the energy of the bass-line into an addictive and playful driver for what proves to be a a tune which could fuel a dungeon party in any of the 50 states. By 2:57 the track has grown to such levels of energy that it becomes clear that perhaps Mija is proving a point, or rather has proved one: she’s here to stay and coming for any soul who will give her the time of day. Where Rezz found dark-house, perhaps Mija is shaping her own clear direction which will continue to defy genres… as she likes to do. However, a sense of complacency is completely withdrawn from Mija’s project- this is but “almost enough.”


Much love to you Amber