Meet Golden Vessel- A Memorable Interview Accompanied By An Important Album, “SLOWSHINE.”

When looking for new music, I have a peculiar tendency to gravitate towards aspiring musicians from Australia. It’s not because I’m diving into Triple J or websites like Acid Stag, but rather the sound entices me. People point to Australia as having an extremely versatile and unique music culture which benefits from being miles and miles away from the major labels in Los Angeles. The country is extremely supportive of their talent and have various regulations to ensure that Australians are listening to Australian acts. When I stumbled upon Golden Vessel’s work, the blend of hallucinogenic and melancholic sounds inexplicably brought a smile to my face. The sound is weird but beautiful- in transparent ignorance, I feel like it really embodies what I like about artists coming out of the industry down under. Golden Vessel makes a beautiful cross over sound blending electronic production with pop appeal and The Kollection was lucky enough to dive into his artistry and new album SLOWSHINE with the recently booming act.

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“The industry is a lot smaller here [and] there’s a lot more crossovers of scenes and genres that wouldn’t usually happen … because of this the music coming out of Australia feels more eclectic.”

Spot on. Living in LA, I hear countless acts who are homogeneous in their sound- hundreds of Billie Eilish sound-a-likes pushing their projects and focusing more on socials than the music itself. Fortunately for Golden Vessel, he could not be more isolated in his artistry and no act in LA can really be compared to him.

“I think LA just moves at a way faster pace and there’s a higher turn over of songs. [This] is good and bad for different reasons … I definitely enjoy being in LA for a month and making as many songs as I can but then I enjoy getting home and tinkering and refining.” This tinker and refine process is what many aspiring acts forget is imperative to creating beautiful music. In collaborating with a wide array of artists on his album, Golden Vessel simultaneously pushes himself to grow and perfect his versatility. Why? “I just love working with my friends and Golden Vessel in my head is meant to be a collaborative project. It kind of just made sense to have heaps of people on the album … I feel very lucky to have friends who I’m genuinely excited by their creative direction.”

Golden Vessel’s understanding of where the industry is heading is quite parallel to that of The Kollection’s- “more blending of genres, more bedroom artists and more people releasing music independent.” As for artists who are dominating this industry structure that is becoming more prevalent, he points to two projects- Lonelyspeck and Akurei– as individuals making waves.Lonelyspeck has an insane EP they’re working on and when it comes out and it’s going to be so special. [I’ve] also been working with my best friend Akurei on his EP and I’ve done some visual work for it as well which I’m excited about.”

If you do get the chance to see him live, you’ll understand why Golden Vessel is renowned for his stage presence and ability to control a room. “I think when we’re feeling really relaxed and confident and the people in the audience are having fun [the shows go well. Comfort and a good crowd] feed off each other as well. When you’re presenting music that is unique to what people are used to seeing, the reaction tends to be positive. A big part of it is the technology of electronic music allowing to create sounds that are new and exciting [and] never before heard.”

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As for where he’s headed, he has “absolutely no clue”- a sign of a project existing in the moment. I intentionally avoided diving into the content of the album to let it speak for itself. SLOWSHINE is exciting, collaborative, and all over the place in the best way possible. If you’re tired of repetition and are lacking music that makes you reassess what’s possible, then you should absolutely dive right in- right now.