Marlin’s Dreaming – I’ll Stick By You

New Zealand local surf-rock legends, Marlin’s Dreaming, just dropped yet another handful of fresh dreamy tunes. If you aren’t familiar with Marlin’s Dreaming already, maybe you’ve heard of vocalist Semisi Maiai’s earlier project, GROMz. If not… well then it’s time to familiarize yourself as I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. The first song off their newest EP, “I’ll Stick By You”, is a perfect embodiment of the band’s famous attributes– pleasant beachy-sounding guitar riffs and fluid melodic bass lines backed by vocals that can somehow simultaneously rock you to sleep and keep you grooving all night. This newest EP, “Talk On/Commic”, is a bit more rock-heavy and upbeat than their 2017 project, ‘Lizard Tears’, making it the perfect listen for any point in the day.