Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Pump Nostalgia in “Bloody Valentine” Music Video

Remember when Megan Fox was the hottest chick alive and Blink-182 reigned supreme? Well, Machine Gun Kelly’s “Bloody Valentine” is bringing those glory days back. With the help of Travis Barker, Blink-182’s very own god of drums, MGK has brought us a pop-punk track that we haven’t heard the likes of since VH1’s Top 20 Countdown was a thing. 

The track itself is so damn angsty, it’s making me hate my parents and want to buy some black eyeliner. That is to say, I love it. As someone who (still) cites Blink-182 as one of her favorite bands, “Bloody Valentine” is just what I’ve been hoping for. Everything about the song screams 2003, even the way MGK pronounces “head (yed)” à la Tom Delonge in Blink-182’s “I Miss You.” Will this usher in a new era of pop-punk popularity? By God, I hope so. 

And as if the song wasn’t enough to satisfy my early 2000s nostalgia, the music video certainly is. Featuring Megan Fox lip syncing and fake playing guitar, the video whisks me back to the days of my youth when she was every middle school boy’s fantasy. Trending at #2 on Youtube, “Bloody Valentine” might just signify the mainstream pop-punk revival we (me) have been waiting for.