Lightning in a Bottle Changing Festival Dates and Location

In an e-mail blast and article, Lightning in a Bottle announced that the festival will be facing some major changes in 2019 . LIB has been launched into the spotlight as thousands of people have flocked to Bradley, California to dance away their Memorial Day weekends under the sun with views of a lake that has come and go with the seasons and droughts for years now. Having attended the last three Lightnings in Bradley, I am extremely nostalgic about this setting which I attribute some of my fondest memories to…

That being said, The Do Lab is a growing force in the event and culture space and with new restrictions on the use of the park it is completely understandable that they are switching things up. LET’S FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES.

What has changed?

The festival is no longer going to be held on Memorial Day weekend: the new dates are May 8th – May 13th. This means less of a wait!

The festival is going to be somewhere in Central California- crossing my fingers for something more along the lines of Santa Barbara than Fresno.

They are honoring their word and reducing the amount of tickets sold by 25%- incredible and will hopefully reduce the amount of people seen in jerseys at The Woogie stage.

Have you already bought your ticket? Then you still have your ticket and the option to sell it back if the new dates don’t work for you.


We are on our knees praying that this wonky weekend retains its incredible vibe and fanbase as it really is one of a kind. For anyone considering whether they should go this year, make sure you give the art and music a solid run through and ask yourself whether you can appreciate it with an open mind as that what the festival is about. See you in the trenches.