LightHouse – Bonnie & Clyde


New to your ears? Probably… New to music? By no means… The Kollection is excited to introduce Katya and Logan who makeup the LightHouse duo. Both members are classically trained composers with a fine-tuned taste in film, fashion and fun. Dare I say it? THEY ARE TRUE ARTISTS. Today, we focus on the track- Bonnie & Clyde.

Playing off the infamous criminal couple Bonnie and Clyde- great Netflix series by the way– LightHouse has released a synth-fueled Ballad that further proves they’re a force to be reckoned with. The horn-work, the tasteful whistling, and lets not forget Katya’s incredible vocals and lyricism are just 3 of the isolated variables which shape this extremely complex and artistically mature production.

I highly reccomend you go check out their entire discography on SOUNDCLOUD or SPOTIFY as there are only 3 other tracks- each of which is quite unique and highlights their rapid progression and the beautiful narrative behind LightHouse coming into their own. Get to know the duo better in their respective introduction posts below!