Lane 8 – No Captain (Remixed) + Fall Mixtape

When anyone doubts the creative integrity of house and techno producers- “yes, there are still skeptical people out there…”- I typically point them in the direction of Lane 8’s music.

Photo by Jason Siegel

No Captain

No Captain is the second track off Lane 8’s latest album “Little By Little.” Featuring American synth-pop band Poliça, the track is both mature in its production and lyrical themes- a tale of lost love over some of the most beautiful synth work on the album.

Remixes by Dirty South and Anderholm

Taken from the forthcoming Little by Little Remixed album, these two remixes foreshadow the treat that Lane 8 fans are in for on October 4th. Where Dirty South speeds up the BPM and gives the song a clubbier feel, Anderholm seems to isolate and emphasize the specific samples which stood out to him from the original. The vocals retain their pureness and sense of bliss in both edits proving that just as Lane 8 can curate a great mix- he can curate a cohesive remix package. These remixes are additionally AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY.

Lane 8 Fall 2018 Mixtape

Prior to the release of the No Captain remixes, last week Lane 8 took to Soundcloud (as he does with the changing of the weather) and dropped his Fall 2018 Mixtape: a two and a half hour slew of beautiful melodies and vocals resting on a tireless four-on-the-floor rhythm which fades in and out seamlessly. The transitions seem effortless and natural and for this seasoned veteran but as always each track stands out on its own begging SoundCloud junkies to research whether its an unreleased tune or a hidden gem from his archives. Lane 8 is one of the few artists I can confidently say still scours soundcloud for himself and he does a damned good job at flaunting it for the world to hear.

We hope you enjoy and if Lane 8 is new to you- share with a friend!