KROY Demands Your Full Attention

How close to becoming God can enough substances bring you? In her latest self-released record ‘Ryan Atwood,’ Montreal based multi-disciplinary artist KROY is itching to find out.

“I’m filet mignon and you’re just cheap”

KROY stares directly into the camera. With bleached eyebrows and jet black hair framing her face, there is nowhere to look but into a pair of taunting eyes. She stands in front of us, both defiant and vulnerable, in gleaming silver headphones and a black Juicy Couture velour hoodie. I imagine that telepathically, she’s whispering into my brain, “I dare you to witness me.” I like her already.

The record explodes with dark pop melodies that veer towards country goth. In ‘Ryan Atwood,’ KROY relishes in the delightful danger of youthful infatuation and her teenage obsession with the iconic aughts television series The O.C. The official video grants us an intimate audience with KROY’s electric vocals and confronting lyrics.

“I just want a little more attention, look at me while I destroy myself”

The hyper infused track emerged in a single virtual session with producer Goldchain and co-writer DCF both in Toronto while KROY wrote in Los Angeles. It’s a self destructive Pandora’s box of unleashed emotion. Of her new track, KROY says, “Ryan Atwood is a manic anthem. The whirlwind of not knowing the ceiling from the floor, numbing your limbs with nights alone. The melancholy of teenage obsession mixed with the power of adult decisions.”

In recent years, her name has been splashed across Rolling Stone and in collaborations with producers Apashe, Qrion and Felix Cartal. Now KROY returns with another bold pop exploration, with a sound so bright, she just might blind us to darkness forever. Is it weird that we’re tempted?

‘Ryan Atwood’ offers a delectable taster of what will land in 2022. New music, robot performances and more, from a truly inimitable artist. With this premiere, we can’t look away.

photograph by Garrett Naccarato

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