Krept’s “Last Letter to Cadet” is a Haunting Cry for Help

To The K and to all of the cultures, fan bases, and circles of the world, family is everything. And like the family we so cherish, so too do we believe music to be more than a hobby; rather, it is a series of connections and relationships that we are privileged to engage in. Considering this relationship between family and music, it is with our condolences and appreciation that we acknowledge Krept’s deeply personal “Last Letter to Cadet” as one of the most honest, heartbreaking, and emotionally challenging tracks of this year and of this decade. Krept and Conan’s carefully articulated last homage to Krept’s late cousin– paired with the embodying music video– is unforgettable, addressing Krept’s deep love for his family while describing the painstaking grieving process now that all the smoke has cleared.


On February 9, rapidly up-and-coming UK rapper Cadet was killed in a car accident while on his way to a show in London. He was only 28 years old. His death was quickly met with an outpouring of condolences and love from the grime community, including Stormzy, Loyle Carner, and of course, perhaps Cadet’s closest friends and collaborators, Krept and Konan. The next day, friends, family, and supporters of Cadet gathered in Hyde Park in Central London to remember, reflect, and pay respects to the late grime prodigy. He was laid to rest on Saturday, February 23.

Yesterday, Krept released the music video “Last Letter to Cadet” that he described as “[his] most difficult song to date.” The track is dripping with catharsis, addressing Cadet’s life, his career, and the shambles that his family has been left in after the accident. The accompanying music video features pictures from their childhood along with some touching footage from the Hyde Park memorial held in his honor. Krept even addresses his gratitude for the memorial as he raps, “You were loved, just know this. The turn out at Hyde Park at such short notice. Nana was proud, Dad was proud, Mum was proud, Sis was proud, Bro was proud, I swear to God, the whole family was proud when they saw that crowd.” It is dialogue like this that is so admirable from Krept, framing this track as quite literally a letter to his cousin, staying extremely personal, real, and raw.

Krept also takes time to briefly address the conflict that the two had in the past, referencing Cadet’s initial “Letter to Krept,” which discusses a feud that occurred while they were in college. He writes “I know it sounds mad, but since you passed, I can’t listen to your letter. That’ll break me, that’ll finish me.” However, bringing a sense of closure for both Krept and the audience, he seems to tie up this loose end with his remembrance of Cadet’s last words to him: “Just know that I love you.” The honesty here is what makes this tribute so poignant; it is crafted as a journey of emotions that Krept is honest enough to take us along for.

The track ends with a repeated thank you to Cadet, followed by gorgeous crooning vocals from Konan and Prince Latir, wrapping up the roller coaster of emotions with what’s truly the most important subject of the record. The video also wraps up with some nostalgic footage of the two rappers hanging out and performing on stage together with Prince Latir’s piercing vocal echoing in the background. If it wasn’t apparent before this moving tribute, it’s clear now what a light of love and positivity Cadet truly was and just what kind of loss this is to the community. The K wishes Krept, his family, and the loved ones of Cadet peace and relief in this time of need.