(KLCTN Premiere) Elliot Fleck – Sonar Safari


Elliot Fleck’s music combines feelings of euphoria with moments of reflection and jarring nostalgia: “All of my music is connected in its ethereal qualities that I aim to ingrain in my music and consistently mix with.” In layman’s terms, Elliot makes the sort of warehouse, big room techno fueled by melodic details that set him apart from any American producer.

“For me, my relationship with house music is marked by its broad and all-inclusive scope. Life naturally inspires my production: whether it be a tribal drum circle I pass by down at the beach, experiences with friends, my self-doubt, archive fashion, falling in love at the techno show…”

Sonar Safari is massive and we would not be surprised to see artists playing this tune in their upcoming club circuits. For a 22-year-old producer debuting his first music publicly, you can sense the time that has been dedicated to this project and it is easy to see where Elliot has his sights (and ears) set on. Stay tuned for his upcoming EP titled “Planet E.”

artwork credit: the ever-so-talented Ryan Burns