KLCTN Premiere: almost monday’s “broken people” Official Video

There’s generally a clear line between cute and provocative, but every so often, that line blurs into something confusing, mesmerizing, and, above all, alluring. Such is the case with almost monday, an alternative pop-rock band from San Diego, California, who have taken these two lines and woven them into a friendship bracelet that holds together the three band members–Dawson Daugherty (vocals), Luke Fabry (bass), Cole Clisby (guitar).

Confused? Click play. The opening shot of their video for “broken people” will make this bizarre analogy feel weirdly spot on, and as the suburbian narrative progresses you will most definitely get what I’m saying.

Pop music, in all its many iterations, is typically one of two things–really bad or really great. “broken people” is the latter. With a distinctly alt-pop sound, both the track and the video transcend the cookie-cutter pop stereotype, instead retaining a very indie allure. The dancing, the singing, and the peculiar social interactions that define the video seem to fluctuate between self-aware and overly-umphed, yet they still come off as totally genuine–you can tell these boys are having a time and bringing their friends along to enjoy it. Everything about the video feels crisp and colorful, carefully planned and yet still off the cuff. almost monday seems to break boundaries and skirt lines in everything they do–their look, their sound, their video–and we’re more than happy to see them do it.

From a musical standpoint, the group is sort of a unique crossbreed between Two Door Cinema Club and the Jonas Brothers’ more contemporary work, but they exude a sense of originality nonetheless. almost monday is bubbly and quirky, upbeat and indie-poppy, but still manages to maintain an underlying tone of seriousness. Their sound has a certain radio appeal that seems effortless and natural, though simultaneously remains obscure enough that it cannot be disregarded as just another industry boyband ploy. Whether you’re familiar with them or not, you best keep your eyes and ears out, because almost monday is going places– fast.