KLCTN Interview: Thumpasaurus

“Thump is just the science of going all-out”

-Henry Was


On a cold Wednesday night, the fine & funky boys of Thumpasaurus emphatically introduced themselves to Santa Cruz. Fresh off the heels of their past few shows throughout the Pacific-Northwest, the crew of Thump sat down with The K for a pre-show catch-up over some coffee.

Since their last, legendary Kollection show at the Barn House in Isla Vista, the ambitious, funky, and eccentric flavor of Thumpasaurus has grown even more electric. The Thumpasaurus crew has come an impressively long way in their musical efforts– releasing their first full-length studio album, ‘The Book of Thump” and embarking on their very first national tour.

On the road, the band has connected with new fans through their all-out style, pushing the limits of what “the most” can be.

“We stop at nothing to make the craziest thing we can,” said drummer Henry Was.

“To survive by being different and inspire others to do the same regardless of where they’re coming from or what that means to them.”

The Thumpasaurus journey through the Pacific-Northwest included meeting with the owner of popular fusion restaurant, Katsu Burger, unexpectedly packed shows, and the overconsumption of coffee drinks.

“The friends, new bands, and connections made along the way were invaluable to us.” Said Ben Benjamin, projectionist for the group.

“The thing that I would hope someone to leave a Thump show with is that it’s ok to be myself even though I’m weird” added sax player Henry Solomon. “Also if anyone’s reading this, I want you to know, ‘Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated.”

Their live show is truly a testament to the labor of love that Thump is. From the meme-filled background projections courtesy of Ben Benjamin, to the one-of-a-kind Thump coveralls, it’s impossible not to dance and let the essence of funk completely take over.

The general sentiment of the group has always related back to the experience for the fans. By aiming to create a special live experience, Thumpasaurus sets themselves apart from other bands by freeing themselves from the restraints of caring about the judgment of others. Their upcoming opera project named “Where Does the Love Go?“, a hero’s journey of sorts, is centered visually around the filmography of John Travolta (that you can find at www.travoltalovequest.com)– essentially an ode to the journeys that Travolta goes through during his various movies. While seemingly unrelated, Thump can undoubtedly create an experience that binds the rock, funk, and opera genres together with the visual support of Travolta’s very best moments.

The mission of Thump attempts to create a kind of sound that can only be categorized in the loosest of terms, but on terms set by them. The Thumpasaurus sound aims to be the embodiment of a feeling that can only be described as Thump. From the 17-minute dance/funk-opera dubbed “Where Does the Love Go?” (OUT NOW!), to their entrance into the festival circuit, Thumpasaurus continues to travel on a trajectory to space, and The K thinks that their vision and mission wholeheartedly embody our guiding motto, Music For The Rest of Us <3